About Us

We keep developing and creating the best systems for today’s service industry requiring speedy communication.

A Reliable Wireless Calling System Manufacturer

Pagingbell, founded in 2013, has its headquarters located in Shenzhen. Specializes in a range of products including Wireless calling systems, Wireless smart home solutions, and Remote controls,which is suitable for restaurants, hotels, schools, hospitals, and parking lots, etc.

Equipped with R&D team, Pagingbell is dedicated to technological innovation and integration.

Our Product Journey

  • 2013433Mhz Wireless Calling System

    We focus on 433Mhz Wireless Calling System to meet the global market's requirements, and help our oversea distributors and clients to broot their business. Our wireless calling system were widely be applied in various of industries.
  • 2017Intelligent Nurse Call System

    To compensate for the limitations in call distance of the 433MHz wireless paging system, we have developed a wireless intelligent nursing call system, which effectively improves the call distance and ensures the timeliness of call responses. This had provided a boost for our dealers and contractors in expanding the market.
  • 2023LoRa Wireless Calling System

    By adopping revolutionary communication technology of LoRa (Long Range) to provide seamless and efficient wireless connectionsopens up exciting possibilities for real-time data transmission and remote control. Discover the future of wireless communication with Call LoRa and experience the benefits of extended range, reduced power consumption, and exceptional reliability in your connectivity solutions.
  • 2024To be expected

    We keep developing...

Our Values

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